The Cause

Mighty Writers

Mighty Writers is a South Philadelphia-based nonprofit on a powerfully simple mission: Teach kids how to write well so they can succeed at whatever they do.

Offering a daily, free after-school program for grade-schoolers through teenagers, Mighty Writers is well-designed to fight Philadelphia’s literacy crisis amongst young people. And it is a real crisis: As of 2009, an entire 20 percent of adults in Philadelphia lacked basic reading and writing skills. More than 200,000 Philadelphians lack a high school diploma, and 8,200 kids drop out of high school each year. (Visit to learn more.)

Santa Visits the Mighty WritersI chose to partner with this organization because it helps kids, is based in my home of Philadelphia, and because it focuses on a topic that I care a lot about — young people possessing the skills to write/communicate effectively, which I personally think is the most important skill that kids can ever learn.

Since I will be running 26.2 in my World Record-attempt, in addition to raising awareness for this awesome non-profit, I set a goal of raising $26,200 for Mighty Writers during this process.